Sunday, January 12, 2014

Elliott in his big boy bed

I found a used bed that's perfect for Elliott's room, so I bought it with the intention of storing it for a while since although he can climb in and out, Elliott really likes his crib.  Once Elliott saw the bed though he immediately said, "I want to sleep in it!!!" and never waivered, so we figured we'd give him the chance.

Ryan picked up and assembled the bed (thanks Ryan!) and Elliott was so excited.  Later that afternoon he disappeared and I found him laying in his bed, with a book, in the dark, with the door shut.  I guess he wanted to test it out.

At bed time he was plenty tired, but extremely excited and therefore hyper.  He gets so excited about everything.  I took a few pictures when we laid him down.

It was funny to watch and listen to him on our monitor.  At first he was teaching his animals how to jump.  He set them upright in the middle of his bed so they could see him while he demonstrated.  "Ducky!  I'll show you!  Like this! Jump! Jump like me bunny!  Jump like this!"

His room is teeny tiny and the only place the bed (barely) fits is right under the light switch.  He thought that was great fun.  He'd turn the light off and say "Makes Elliott scary!!!!" and then turn it on and say "Make Elliott happy like that!"

When he started to get tired he started to get a little scared, I think.  Ryan went up and talked to him and he went to sleep around 9:15.

He woke up happy and at his normal time and played animals in bed until I came in!  He asked if it was time to come play and was so very proud of himself!

He's currently napping, so for the time being at least, I'd say it's going pretty well!

When Andrew saw him this morning, he said, "Elliott! You slept in your big boy bed!  I'm so proud of you; you're so big!"


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