Friday, January 24, 2014

Elliott and his animals

Quite a few days have gone by since I last posted pictures!  Last week, Andrew went back to school after (more or less) having about 2 months off.  Let's say the transition was very hard on him.  This week, he only had school 2 days...we've been busy!  Anyways, back to the pictures.

We were stuck in one day and I asked Elliott if he wanted to do a photo shoot with his beloved animals.  He says, "SURE!!!"...boy sure knows how to make his mommy happy :) He is really obsessed with his animals.  He teaches them how to jump, he lines them up and reads to them, they all sleep in specific places.  The bunny and his duck (it's actually Andrew's, but it quacks, so I guess he likes that) are his 2 favorites.  He carries those around and says I have to carry the other 3 animals around.

Today after his nap, he told me he was talking to his animals.  I'd like to know what he had to say.

one posed

more photojournalistic ;) bouncing, lining up, hugging, kissing, jumpin with, sitting on...

my personal favorite

My other favorite (the tongue!), but wish I'd gotten a smidge more of him in the frame!

And a head shot for good measure :) he was very excited about this lizard shirt (he picks his clothes) and his post-nap "wacky" hair.


Just the Tip January 24, 2014 at 11:45 PM  

Adorable! I hadn't noticed how much his facial features had changed. He really looks older no more chubby cheeks!

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