Monday, January 6, 2014

Andrew's 5th Birthday Party!

Andrew wanted a Bob the Builder birthday and a bounce house in his yard for his party (like a couple of his friends did!) but since his birthday is in December, we signed up to have it at Bounce U.  Andrew has never been to a bounce place before and didn't seem to grasp the awesomeness of a place dedicated to bounce houses.  This is also the first party he's had.  Let's just say he was so happy!

Thanks to everyone for making his day so great!  (I took a couple pictures, but primarily these are taken by my friend Karla - thank you!! - and some by Bounce U!)

When we arrived we had to watch a safety is Andrew's expression when he saw what we were going to be doing.

  Here are some of the kids.  (Andrew was too excited to stay in his seat, but Elliott was happy to jump in.)


Kids bouncing and sliding!

Lining up to go to the food room!

Leading the way! Cake! Yeah! (He was very excited about his shirt by the way!  It's hard to see but I used construction fabric to make the 5.)

Head of the table, having some pizza, which is his favorite dinner right now.

Marsh did an awesome job on the cake.  I brought the trucks in and they made it work.  I didn't consider how messy this icing was, but it was very tasty!

Being sung to  - I love this picture.

Blowing out his candle

With his Grandma Beth and Grandma Julie

Family shot we do every year (I could tell he wasn't feeling 100% by this point, he turned out to have a really bad ear infection!)

4 year, 3 year

2 year, 1 year

Opening his gifts when we got home :) I love how Elliott was right.there the whole time, but he was so good about understanding that it wasn't his day!

When Andrew woke up the next morning, he immediately asked if we could go back to Bounce U...


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