Friday, December 6, 2013

VIP Christmas Party

Tonight we went to the VIP Christmas party!  I didn't take my camera but here are a few iPod/instagram pictures.

Andrew was so excited when he saw Frosty and said he wanted to take his picture with him.  (Elliott was not a fan.)

and he said he wanted to hug the cow (this was after the hug!)

Then we went on a sleigh ride!  It was snowing and awesome.  The sleigh was lit up with lights and they pulled it around to a woodsy area, by the school where some kids sang some carols for us, and back around.  Andrew loved it and had some awesome sound effects.  He loved that we drove through the snow and not on the road.  Elliott loved it too but was shivering pretty hard core, hence the funny face.

Andrew wanted to see Santa (a first!) and so we waited in line and he got to sit on his lap.  He was admittedly more excited about Santa's train (behind him there) but seemed to think it was special. He asked for a train.  He told me today he wants a model train "because I'm older now"...

After that we had cookies and played a bit and took the scenic route home to see some lights.  Then, Elliott was saying he was tired, and by the time we got home he'd spiked another fever and not feeling well. :( But, I'm glad we go to go and have a good time!

(From VIP night in 2011)


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