Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Swimming Lessons - floating and going under!

A couple of months into this session, swimming is going so great!  Andrew is really taking off - in the last couple of weeks he's started to put his head under water and also float by himself with the barbell.  This is the first time he's been comfortable not having his feet planted on the ground and he's so excited.  Not only that but there is such a huge difference in his overall comfort level and demeanor near the water, there is no hesitation or anxiety now (only lots of excitement) about going to swimming lessons.  He has a lot of confidence about his swimming ability, even though he's just a beginner, and is so proud of himself.

Elliott is quick to tell me that he doesn't swim by himself like Andrew does, he likes to hold Emily's hand, but he still has lots and lots of fun in his lesson.  He's keeping a watchful eye on big brother and I like that they are learning together!


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