Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sewing Project: Toddler Lounge Pants (otherwise known as car pants)

A friend of mine has been doing a lot of sewing and making all sorts of fun little girl projects.  It inspired me to get a little more creative with the boys and do some fun things too.  I searched on Pinterest and was really excited about this link.  I used this tutorial and pattern and kind of modified it to be more like my inspiration picture.

I like that they are long and slim and I can adjust them to fit my skinny boys.  I have a ton of fabric so it'll be fun to piece some different things together.  I'm a little worried about them getting holes immediately, I didn't line them, but I suppose for lazy days they are fine and they take so little time to throw together anyway.  I may investigate using some other or thicker fabrics.  Maybe even some flannel for snow days!

Elliott being Elliott immediately picked out his train shirt that morning, and said a very big NO to his pants, until he saw the back pocket.  So, I guess pockets are a hit.

I don't think the directions stated to, but I double stitched the inseam so it doesn't rip easily.

Sometime I'd like to try lining them with fun fabric and making them extra long, so they could be rolled up revealing the cute lining.

Fair warning: these pants have been known to make toddlers very hyper :)


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