Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ready for St. Nick

The boys and I spent the day getting ready for St. Nick!  We decorate the tree and the kids were so into it this year.  It was much more fun to do together. Andrew liked reading where our ornaments came from (and wanted to be sure everyone put up their own ornaments)...Elliott said "OH!!!" after he saw a lot of them.

They were pretty careful and actually helpful all the way until we were done.  Then they wanted to keep going and get more ornaments :)

They also decorated a little mini tree for their play room.  Elliott was being so funny about organizing the ornaments. He was more interested in organizing them than hanging them, so Andrew did most of that.

This evening we took baths and the boys got Christmas PJs on.  Andrew liked looking like an Elf and Elliott wanted to be a Christmas monkey, I guess ;)

I was getting ready to post this when I saw this, so I ran to take another pic. It's so dark out now that it's out of focus, but oh well!


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