Thursday, December 26, 2013

December pictures

I have a few random pictures from December (other than posted) to share.

Before Christmas we had a lazy day.  We played Guitar Hero and the boys tried it too.  They think it's pretty awesome but I wish they had more age appropriate songs...Andrew was able to read and sing some of the words!  Elliott likes to drum too.

Elliott's gotten funny in the bath.  He says he is practicing his swimming for Emily.  They love their lessons.

He also was funny one day about wanting to be tucked in cozy in this chair.  All his babies are under the blanket too.

and again, being a goof

Per usual Elliott's been very constantly sick (we made it less than a week off antibiotics, weee!) so he was playing iPad one day while I wrapped presents:

The boys painted these (Elliott left, Andrew right)


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