Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Countdown: 7 days - Breakfast with Gigi

Well technically I did this for day 8 too, but that's alright :) Last weekend we had breakfast at Gigi's (my mom's mom) club.  The food was great, we saw Santa, the kids got reindeer balloons, did crafts, face painting, and even ran into some good friends.   The boys absolutely had a great time and bonus, were so good. We had a great time!

Waiting in line for their balloons

I was super shocked that both of them wanted to do face painting.  That's a first for both of them!  They both opted for their hands and Andrew was so so ticklish.  They thought it was awesome.

Andrew got a picture of a car (of course!) driving in the snow.

Elliott was very specific in wanting a "happy reindeer" and it took her a couple tries to get it just how he had envisioned.  It was pretty cute and funny.

All of the pictures can be seen by clicking here.


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