Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Countdown: 3 days (Let it snow!!)

We had some big snow (well, for Indy!)earlier this month and for the first time ever, both boys loved the snow.  Andrew didn't hesitate much at all this year and was having a blast and even asked to go play on his own in the yard.  Elliott fought us at first, tantrum and all, but then discovered sledding was fun, and after a few tries discovered the snow isn't so terrible after all.  Last winter (and the winter before) was so long and enjoying the snow makes it quite a bit more fun.

This particular night (the first night he discovered that sledding was fun) he didn't want me to stop pulling him :)

Sitting in their "snow chairs" (they piled snow on them and sat in them..discovering the awesomeness that is snow pants...)

Andrew's first time sitting in the snow :)

Plowing snow...

The boys are getting sleds for Christmas (we only have the one baby sled) and I'm hoping for a white Christmas!!!

(and I'm seeing my white balance is poor on a lot of these, and underexposed, but I'll fix it later :) :) )


Shap December 22, 2013 at 9:16 PM  

For some reason, Andrew looks SO much older in these pics, Kathy! Love it!

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