Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trick or treating on Halloween!

Because of weather, our city moved trick or treating to November 1st.  We took the boys to the neighborhood parade and to a few houses.  The weather was nice, we got to see some friends, the boys were cute.  It was lots of fun.

Andrew was so excited to be Bob again!

Elliott decided to wear his other costume this time :) He loved both and went back and forth all day as to which he wanted to wear.


Andrew was still recovering from illness, but well enough to go out for a bit. 

(During the parade)



At the first house we went to, Elliott was standing way back, not really realizing what we were doing yet.  It was so sweet when Andrew ran back to get him and told him what we were doing and gently guided him up to the door :-)

Elliott liked all the dogs a little bit more than he liked the actual trick or treating ;)

Game on, Mom!





Enjoying the ooos and ahhhs from a group walking by :) 

We made the mistake of leaving our candy on our front porch for all of 4 houses (in our court) and the whole pot was stolen.  I normally would never leave it, but figured it would be okay since we weren't going far at all.  Lesson learned!

In the middle of the night Friday, the bug hit Elliott.  Thankfully, we're almost well again!  


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