Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kitchen Reno - Before & After

Our counter tops were installed on May 18th and that began our kitchen reno project!  Next, I painted our cabinets (See post here!), which was completed at the end of August.  Since then we have done quite a few details that I underestimated, but we're done and before the holidays, which is so awesome.  I'm quite happy with everything!!  It's so so much brighter.



Here is what we did:
-Purchase new counter tops
-Strip, sand, prime & paint cabinets
-*Add wainscoting to sides of our cabinets (previously not real wood and cracked and flimsy...it looked awful painted)
-*Replace black trim along floor with a painted wood piece
-Install cabinet hardware
-Install tile back splash (big thanks to my dad, he taught me how to tile and it took a full 12 hours!)
-Repair wall & fill holes, patch paint, *install new curtain hardware
-*Replace old cream outlets with pretty white ones :)
-Purchase the cheapie Target white curtain panels, search for the perfect fabric, add fabric to dress up curtains.  (Thanks to my friend Laura for this suggestion because I was at a loss.)
-Sold old table (I made $75 bucks on it, ha!) and replace with a new to us table (it was Ryan's growing up!) that fits our space so much better.
-Add some new decor, the basket was 50% off at hobby lobby, the blue wooden crate was from a garage sale (score!), and I immediately liked the painting when I saw it.  Elliott insists that I painted it, but I did not, I bought it from Home Goods. :)
-Took down our giant old speakers to be replaced with a small, inexpensive blue tooth speaker.
-*Add a shelf & baskets in our laundry room to accommodate some of our random junk to clear up clutter in the kitchen.

*Big thanks to Ryan for doing these jobs for me!

I'm still on the hunt for a 6' round indoor/outdoor simple rug that I like (I've found one possibility) and some day I'd like to get new stainless appliances, but for now they are functional so it's hard to justify that significant expense.

As far as advice for anyone planning to tackle this project? Plan on taking.your.time.

I'll do another post with more pictures.  :)


Cathy Willman November 26, 2013 at 12:28 PM  

Oooo- so Nice! I've been itching for some Tile Backsplashes at our new house too!

Kathy November 26, 2013 at 1:22 PM  

The subway tile is extremely affordable (well, as compared to other versions I saw!) :) That + paint = big bang for the buck. Our wall behind our counter was so gross.

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