Monday, November 18, 2013

Elliott is 2.5 years old!

Someone is a big 2.5 years old today!  I can't believe how big he seems all of a sudden.  He's such a sweet big brother (aside from being a toy snatcher!) and is always loving on Andrew.  He's very affectionate, always offering up hugs, and a funny, goofy kid.

Weight & Height:  He seems like he's had a growth spurt.  I'm going to guess 27.5 lb and 36", but I really don't know!

Size: 2T shirts don't have a lot of room, 3T shirts fit mostly well, 2T pants fit well now if adjusted all the way skinny.  Size 8 shoe.

Teething:  His last 2 2-year molars are about 95% through the chewing surface.  His remaining gum looks pretty brutal.  4 months and going...I'm happy we're almost done.

Sleeping:  Bed at 8, Up at 7:30, Nap 1-3.  Some days he isn't tired enough to fall asleep during nap time and reads in his crib.  (And occasionally he screams throughout his nap time, but usually only if he isn't feeling well.)  Earlier this week he was mad at me for not reading him a book (he is completely anal retentive about his routine) and climbed out of his crib as if to prove a point.  Thankfully, he seems just as content to continue sleeping in his crib, he likes it, and so for now we'll keep him there. :)

Eating:  Lots.  Pretty much everything. New food we tried was oatmeal (prepared Andrew's favorite way) and he inhaled it after seeing big brother.

Movement:  He does anything and everything himself.  He learned to jump a couple of months ago.  He has a healthy fear and respects his limitations, but is quite coordinated.

Milestones:  It seemed like once he caught up in his language things have really taken off.  He suddenly learned his letters, numbers, colors, and to count out of nowhere.  He's even more fiercely independent than he was before.  He started swim lessons for the first time (but has missed several due to illness) and loves it.  He also loved running through the leaves this fall.  Doing a lot more make believe play.  Starting to converse back and forth with Andrew - as well as argue.

Favorite toys:  Since his last update, he's developed quite a love for puzzles (probably his favorite activity now) and he's so good at it.  He also likes to play games.  He's easy going and plays with whatever, but often seen towing cars, playing trains, pretending with his doctor kit, playing dinos (they bite!), playing hide and seek, pretending to sleep, he's been enjoying art/painting/drawing more, too.

Dislikes:  If we do anything for him.  Breaking routine.  Leaving puzzles incomplete. Being messy.  Time out.  Being cold...he was not at all happy about this photo shoot today, the wind was very cold!

Loves:  All of the same mostly!  He loves to be the center of attention and being around people.  He loves music and animals too.  This boy could spend his whole day using the iPad or watching cartoons (so different from Andrew in that way) so we try to limit that, although when he's sick he gets quite spoiled.

Words and Sounds:  Amazing leaps and graduated from speech therapy a while back.  He's strung together 2-3 words phrases for a while, but I've seen a big improvement even in the last week.  He's starting to use -ing verbs, use proper sentence structure including pronouns, and has a very large vocabulary! The new phrase he says a lot is "tell me" when he wants to learn about something.   We're working on the L sound - for example "belly" sounds like "bunny" unless he's watching my mouth and concentrating.  His receptive language is also much better.  I'm so impressed with his progress here, can you tell? :)


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