Thursday, November 7, 2013

a week at home

We have another prolonged stomach bug (yipee!) that's been relatively mild compared to others we've had, except it won't go away.  I'm hoping Andrew can go back to school Monday.  We've been trying to make the best of it at home doing some different things around here when we can.  Thankfully Ryan and I both kicked it relatively quickly and the kids have been in mostly good spirits considering.

aww, how cute were they playing iPad together :) They always want to be together (except when they are getting on each other's nerves ;))

(watching cartoons on the iPad)

After Andrew perked up we got some fresh air :) He really enjoyed the leaves this year!

We got out an RC car that had been put away for almost a year.  The sound really bothered Andrew but now he loves it!

Tummy aches + cabin fever

They love doing this.

Window clings

Andrew likes to break them and smoosh them.

Elliott likes to arrange them in perfect rows/columns.


Well, most of the time.

Elliott got to help rake leaves today too, Andrew showed him how to jump through the leaves. He was reluctant at first.

I can't believe how October just flew by.


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