Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Fest

2 weekends ago, we went with my parents, brother, and grandma to Pumpkin Fest!  I wasn't feeling well so I didn't bring my camera, but my mom did!  I'm glad she did and love these!  I also included some pictures from Instagram.

Checking out the animals

Corn slide! - Grandma and Elliott

Mike and Elliott on the left (Elliott's face is priceless!!!) and Andrew and I on the right.

Diggers in the corn - they are hard to tear away from this activity.

Andrew and I on the train

and Elliott

hayride! (Elliott wasn't feeling well either)

love this!

I was excited to see Andrew enjoying all the activities this year, what a difference!  he really loved running on these and jumping off!

We did our (me and the boys) first corn maze!  It sounded kind of lame but I thought it was fun and I was surprised at how much Andrew loved it.  He was fired up!

"This way Mom!" He wanted us to stay back so he could run and choose which way to go :) Having a blast!


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