Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coloring, painting pumpkins, cutting molars, sunny days

We've been keeping busy as usual!  We're so very close to being done with the kitchen.  The backsplash is up and just needs some caulk.  Last weekend we went to see Ryan's family!  Here are a few random pics from this month.

One day, the boys saw me making a chart for Andrew and wanted to color.  We don't color or do crafts that often, I guess because it seems as soon as I have everything out, they are done.  They don't have much of an attention span for crafts usually.  I was laughing looking at this series of snapshots.

I recently decorated the mantel for fall :) It's nothing fancy, but I like it.

Andrew has been flat out exhausted since school started, but I think last week he started to turn a corner.  Hooray, because he was really hard to deal with every day, was miserable, and I felt bad for him.  He takes really long naps on the weekends and that helps him get through the week.  he's making incredible progress though, so we're going to keep doing what we're doing.

Each year I think it's fun to let the boys paint pumpkins, so we did it again this year.  Elliott hasn't painted much but really seemed to enjoy it.  He was very proud of his "happy face wee wee pumpkin" :)

It's funny to see the differences in their personality...Elliott is very meticulous in his painting, and Andrew just goes to town. (and I didn't notice until I saw the pictures that he drew cars on the paper!)

Both proud of their work.

Elliott's last 2 molars broke through (huge sigh of relief, we're done with teething!!!) and he had a fever one day.  He feels better if we just hang out on the couch and watch TV.

And his first fudgecycle.  He didn't like the mess, though!

We've had some really beautiful days.  We're trying to soak up the sun!


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