Monday, September 23, 2013

snapshots from August-September

Here are some random pics (mostly taken with my mom's camera) I never posted.  My camera should be back any day now (waiting patiently!!)

boys have gotten quite huggy lately - lots of (very long drawn out) hugs most days!

trip to the park

hanging out with Grandpa

piggyback rides with Daddy

spinning in the laundry basket

It was a billion degrees out, but he had to wear his Choo Choo pants.

Elliott learned how to jump and can *just* get both feet off the ground! (left)

Blowin' dandelions (Andrew can kind of do it, Elliott's still working on it!)

Playing crash

They have discovered it's fun to swing on their bellies and twisting around

Ryan introduced Elliott to board games - Chicken Cha Cha Cha and Memory.  Elliott caught right on (and won in memory!) He tries to be sneaky and cheat by peaking at tiles.

Ready for the Purdue - Notre Dame game, one of my favorites.  It was a great game and Andrew enjoyed staying up and having some popcorn.

Elliott was NOT cooperating for my jersey pictures so I got some random shots

Boiler up!  We are excited fall is here!


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