Monday, September 9, 2013

Elliott's first day of 2's Preschool

Elliott had his first day of 2's preschool today!  He did great.  Last spring he had a really hard time (understated) being left without me or Andrew.  Today he acted like he was big stuff (read: would not hold my hand and walked with swagger) and didn't want to leave.  (I think it helps that he can talk now, where 4 months ago he was only using sign language still.)

He was excited to take pictures with his school sign, since he saw me do that with Andrew a few weeks ago.

This morning, Andrew hopped out of bed and ran in Elliott's room and told him, "Good morning Elliott!  Did you sleep good?  You have school today!  You're going to have so much fun.  I ride the bus and you take the car.  You get to play cars at school!"  and that seemed to set the tone for the morning.

(walking in - I got it, Mom)

His teachers (he has 2) said he was very sweet and happy today.  They said he was very very proud of the school bus he made.  He also told me he colored the eyes and mouth and wheels on a bus. :)

(Andrew and I had a nice morning together with some one-on-one while Elliott was at school!)

Elliott's first day from March 2013:


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