Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Indiana State Fair

A couple of weeks ago we took the boys to the Indiana State Fair.  The weather was perfect and not too hot this time.  We decided to go without a stroller, which was a lot of work but fun, because we got to ride the train a couple of times.  (It also made it hard to get my camera out, but I took a few here and there when I could!) :)

Of course - again this year - the highlights were the train, tractors, diggers, and big mulch toy digger pit.  Honorable mentions went to watching people go on the really high rides and eating fair food!

Riding the fair train (At left he loved the tunnel, at right he was saying "choo choo!!!" which he did for most of the ride)  I couldn't get a pic of Andrew b/c he was on my lap.

I was chasing Andrew but you should have seen Elliott's face when he spotted all the tractors.  He was in heaven.  I knew they both would be excited, but Elliott's reaction was better than I even expected.

Pure awe

Then we headed over to the play area.  They could play there all day long.

And in an effort to do something not vehicle related, we headed towards the rides and ice cream. :) We happened to get stopped by the parade, which would be the kid's first real parade!

Watching people drop from really tall rides, the boys thought they were nuts!

Then we got elephant ears and ice cream.

Andrew just loves ice cream - Elliott isn't sure still.

Photo op!

Here we are 2 years ago (2011)


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