Sunday, August 18, 2013

Elliott at 2 years + 3 months

Age: 27 months

Weight and Height:  He was 26 lb and 34 inches at age 2.   He seems taller b/c suddenly he's almost about counter-height.

Size: 2T for lengths (about 12 months around ;)) and a size 7 shoe.

Teething:  Wowzers, since my last update he cut 4 canines and 2 molars and is cutting molar #3 this week.  He tells us it hurts (I bet it does) but considering I'd say he's handled it fairly well.

Sleeping:  Bed at 8, up at 7:30, nap 12:30-3, ballpark.  Always starts off the night at on the end of his bed nearest the door, curled up on his belly on top of his train pillow, with a book tucked under the pillow, holding his bunny, sucking his thumb, and his green soft blanket on top.

Eating:  He still loves to eat and will eat most foods. He's learning to like pizza and ice cream. :)

Movement:  Walks up the stairs by himself (holds rail) and doesn't want help.  Has to climb into his car seat himself. Otherwise no big changes here, his focus has been on learning speech!

Favorite toys:  Thomas, Lightning, Mater.  Also loves books and his crib loveys (his train pillow, blanket, and bunny) and whatever Andrew plays with.

Dislikes:  Having to leave something (anything) incomplete.  He needs to carry out his ideas or finish what he's working on before changing gears or he flips out.  He also hates being carried and "walk!!" is a new frequently used word.

Loves: Being independent, being with other kids, trains, water, eating, reading, music, playing chase and hide and seek and night night, being told he's goofy.  He also is extremely willing to help me with things like put laundry away, clear his place setting after dinner, unload the dishwasher, water plants, etc, and likes being told that he's done something nice. :)

Words and Sounds: I'm happy to say I lost track.  I listed 70 words a month ago, he's starting to put words together, and all of a sudden his annunciation is a little better, too.

We were at Home Depot and lost track of Ryan and I said we needed to find Daddy.  As we were scanning the aisles, Elliott says "Daaaaaadddy! Aaaaare youuuuuu???" :)

When we were waiting for Andrew at Hippotherapy one morning, someone asked him his name and for the first time he was able to reply "Elliott!"

(Some recent new words: wait, walk, Diesel, Huckle, car, ear, eye, echo, Gordon, "are you?", airplane, honk, light, "love you", one, ewwww, bug, tomato)


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