Sunday, August 25, 2013


In the last 1.5 months, Andrew has really, really blossomed.  The following is list of new things that he can do and couldn't/wouldn't before!

bounce in a bounce house
sit in a baby pool on his bottom or crawl around on his belly
float in a pool with a hand held
go down a water slide
climb up and go down a blow up slide completely alone
go on a teeter totter
climb a rock wall at the park alone
wade in the lake and float on a big foam board
go up to a kid and ask him what his name is, and respond with his own name
run in the wet grass with bare feet
sit on and learn to ride a bike
float in a lazy river
no hesitation when climbing ladders at the park
no tears at the dentist for the first time
get dressed completely on his own, including shoes
climb up the weird curved ladders at the park
sit on a regular toilet (I just put the small potty in storage!) without getting upset
climb up onto and lay back on an exam table at the doctor's office
not get upset at the doctor when doing blood pressure, height, or weight 
very little hesitation during gatherings/parties and seems to really enjoy it now!

(Andrew at 18 months)

I guess blossomed would be an understatement.  He is having SO much fun with everything lately!  We're so proud!


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