Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Andrew's vegetable garden

This year Andrew planted a vegetable garden with his great-grandma Gigi.  He wasn't too interested in the actual planting, but as the summer has gone on he's been quite dedicated and excited about it.

(One of the first things he asked for was a pinwheel for his garden, he picked out the purple pinwheel.)

The timing was perfect because they started the garden shortly after his "little seed grow" week at school.

He asks to water his garden most days and is very thorough.  (He over-watered the herbs (oops, they are weeds now, but he thinks they are still alive...lol) and usually ends up rinsing off all the porch furniture when he's done.)

Elliott wants to help but generally that means Andrew is filling up the watering can for him.

Both boys love to check for new veggies.  I'll ask Elliott if there are any new tomatoes or green beans and he'll run out, pick something, and bring it back to me.  He's so proud, too.  Or sometimes they'll have a snack out in the garden.

We planted green beans, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, banana peppers, and cucumbers.  With the cool weather (and maybe we need to plant earlier next year?) we weren't getting any veggies until recently.  We got a handful of green beans but now the bunnies must be eating them.  The cucs didn't make it.  We are getting lots of banana peppers (and love cooking with them) and tons of tomatoes!  We've had fresh sandwiches and BLTs for dinner several times.

This year was our trial year and we're hooked!  We have a spot picked out to build a separate raised garden next year.  That will give us a lot more space and we'll be able to get to the plants easily.  We want to try adding lettuce, zucchini, and maybe broccoli? to the list.

Tonight for dinner we had sandwiches with fresh tomatoes again, and I just made a big batch of chili today with fresh tomatoes and peppers.  Yum!


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