Wednesday, July 31, 2013

vacationing in Saugatuck, Michigan

Every summer Ryan and I go on mini (3 night) trip to Saugatuck, Michigan.  My parents stayed with the boys (they had a blast, thanks!) and we got some much needed down time.  I took a few pictures while we were there this year!

We stay at a little place downtown  - we always go back to the same place because we love it too much to go try anything different.  It's right in the heart of downtown and a short walk to everything.  I didn't bring my camera last year but decided to this year.  I'll also throw in some instagram pictures!

Nearby is a gorgeous garden - it had just rained when we went.

Last year it was cold and rainy the entire time, and Ryan and I were both sick.  This year we went a little later in the season and the weather was perfect.  It was warm enough (but not hot!) for a beach day and an evening walk.

My attempt at a long exposure shot - I need to start carrying a tripod with me!

Going to our anniversary dinner at our favorite place in town.  (Phil's Bar and Grille - nothing fancy, but amazing and reasonably priced food!)

Since it was warm this year, we also rented kayaks from Running Rivers.  We did the 1 hour trip down the Kalamazoo River, which was perfect.  It was very relaxing, the scenery was great, and it was a little bit of a workout because we were working against some strong winds and waves!

We also love to walk along the board walk, get coffee at Uncommon Grounds, hang out at Oval Beach, shop, play board games, read, and get lots of ice cream at Kilwin's.


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