Thursday, July 18, 2013

random pictures from June

Other than therapy, bike riding, a few vacations (I still have to edit all of our pictures from the 4th of July as well as a getaway to Saugatuck), and redoing our kitchen (hopefully some pics aren't too far off), we have been spending our free time outside.

Trip to the pool

I'm excited to see Elliott start swim lessons this fall b/c he really likes the water.  He certainly isn't fearless but I think he'll do great!

And the splash park

Chalk with Daddy

Elliott has a very particular personality and one morning he spent a while trying to stack all of his Honey Wheels in his wagon.  He kept getting upset when one would fall and was quite happy when he finally got it.

Lots of this, per usual

(Flashback to April 2012)


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