Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Overnight at Abe Martin Lodge in Brown County

My friend Karla mentioned she had some time off at the end of June, and it just so happened that we were free.  And so we decided to make a little trip to Brown County!  We've been wanting to go for a while, so I'm glad it worked out!  

Our trip started off disappointing.  We were literally feet from the water park entrance, all ready in our suits, to find out they closed the indoor park because of thunderstorms.  The storms lasted the whole evening, so we spent a little time in the game room, got pizza, and hung out.  We ended up having a good time, but I'm really glad that we had friends to visit with!!  So if you go to Abe Martin lodge, be prepared with rainy day activities because I was not!  


Watchin' the storm


Listening to music

Views from our cabin - we got a 2 bedroom - it was small, no TV or internet, but perfect for us and the kids looooved it.  

Having an extra room was nice since Andrew got to stay up later and play some games. 


Rise and shine!  Elliott woke up ready to rock, so we went for a drive, got some coffee, and enjoyed the view.

They love running around outside. 




Photo op outside our cabin before checking out!




We were so happy that the weather was gorgeous and it was time to swim!  We swam hard until the kids all pooped out. 




They had a neat water slide,but the kids couldn't go with an adult and the water was deep-ish at the bottom, so the boys weren't ready to do it this year!  maybe next year? 


(I love this pic, thanks Karla!)

I think we wore them out :) 


To see all of the pictures, click here!


QuatroMama July 3, 2013 at 2:20 PM  

I never tire of your incredible photos! =) You are so talented, Girl!

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