Saturday, July 20, 2013

Elliott - word explosion!! (70 words at 26 months)

Elliott is 26 months old and his language is starting to take off!!  At 2 years he had about 22 words that he used extremely infrequently.  At 26 months he has at least 70 words and more of his communication is verbal and spontaneous. (We still need to remind him frequently to use his words, but then he does, and also mimics, with more ease.)

I know I'm missing some words, but I came up with this list of 53 words:

Elliott, Mom, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, water, umbrella, hi, bye, bus, beep beep, please, car, help, down, bar (as in granola bar), nana (banana), moo, baa, bee, elmo, choo choo, Bob (as in Bob the Builder), neigh, duck/quack (sound the same), cheese, ice, apple, ut oh, night night, baby, yeah, no, roller (as in the type of truck), Oreo, iPad, birdie, tweet tweet, turtle, more, go, growl for a bear, Owen, Hot Rod, digger, bubble, ball, Mater, do (as in to request the song Do Re Mi), mail, open, yay, boom

and 17 emerging words (can say with prompting but doesn't use spontaneously quite yet):

hat, eye, Molly, up, "I did it!", yogurt, off, "Boiler up!", dolly, meow, dog, Andoo (Andrew), berry, mine, teddy, bear, monkey

Updated 7/30/13 with 15 words I forgot :)


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