Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bike Ridin'

These are from the last few weeks - Andrew has been so determined to learn to ride and pedal a bike and has done great!!  He had a slight fall and now is a little nervous, and we've had some days off for vacation, so we're hoping to get back to bike riding again this week!

This is from the first night he rode - he was having trouble learning to pedal and the little boy a few houses down wanted to walk him through it.  It seemed to help and that's when he first got it.  (I completely missed focus here but I had to keep it!)

He really wants to ride to the neighborhood playground, so I said he needs to keep practicing and when he can ride down our court without much trouble, he's ready to try it.  He's pretty excited about that.

He tends to study his feet when he ride, so we're working on having him look where he's going ;)

He doesn't want help.  sometimes if he gets stuck he'll stop and adjust the pedals.

I love seeing him so determined to figure this out!


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