Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trains, stickers, sick boys, water fun, and reading!

May's busy for our family because we have 7 birthdays to celebrate!  I already blogged about the March of Dimes walk, Andrew's last day of school, and Elliott's birthday. 

Otherwise, we've had some free play time.  Elliott got some new train track pieces for his birthday and trains seem to be his thing.  



He's also very into stickers (pictured at right) - he will clear entire pages of stickers and covers his pages.  They keep him busy for a while ;) 


Elliott enjoyed his first corn on the cob.  We had it again last night and both boys devoured 2 pieces without any trouble.  Can't say I blame them!

The boys got a GI bug this week, but thank goodness it was just a 2 day bug.  Whew.  Elliott also cut 2 canines (2 following closely) and Andrew puked in public for the first time.  Thankfully we made it out to the side walk in time.

How big does Andrew look here?!?!

More stickers!


One morning, the boys were following me down the stairs but then they didn't come down and it was quiet.  I went back to see what they were up to and they were reading on the stairs.  (Which means Andrew was reading on the stairs, and Elliott followed, obviously thinking he's hot stuff!) 

Water table fun on the nice, warm days. 




Reading with Grandma Julie


We got new counter tops in the our kitchen too, but we have some painting and work to do.  Hopefully I'll be posting about that sooner than later!


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