Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June: Multi-sport class, zoo, outside, climbing at the park, father's day

We started off June with summer school and Andrew's multi-sport class.  (Andrew is stretching in the green striped shirt.)  The class isn't too exciting but he's been a good sport about sticking out the session.

In our free time we've been almost exclusively playing outside and getting exercise.

One morning we finally got to the zoo!  The boys were into the animals more than ever.  Andrew hasn't been to the zoo in a while but his favorite is still the zebra.  They both really liked seeing the brown bear.

Somebody's getting so big.

Waving to kids at the playground.

Loving the swing :)

Andrew has been working really hard in therapy - the past few weeks he still was so, so scared standing on the first ladder rung - and slowly doing better with the climbing wall.  Well, at the park Friday and this week something clicked, I guess, because he is a climbing machine.  All he wanted to do was climb to the top.  He keeps trying to climb everything in our house.  So funny.

Lots of backyard fun.

We had a nice father's day weekend.


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