Sunday, June 30, 2013

Andrew is 4.5 today!

Andrew is 4.5 today!  He is up to 35 lb and near 41 inches tall!

Andrew has changed so much in just the last couple of weeks.  He can sometimes get dressed completely on his own!!  He also decided this week he's going to sit and pedal his bike by himself.  He's done it 4 times and asks every day; each day going a little further, and finally tonight pedaled all the way down the street.  In the last couple of weeks he also discovered he likes to climb and is doing it all the time.  Another change is he has been asking to swim in the big pool - he just needs a hand for security.

Other things he enjoys are trains, playing in the sand box, playing chase with Elliott, singing Little Seed Grow and watering his plants, splashing in water, reading books, playing on the iPad, listening to music (his favorite song right now is called "Baby"), riding horses in hippotherapy, going to the park, baseball, basketball, frisbee, pushing Elliott in the stroller, babies, school, riding his bike, and going out to eat.  Andrew and Elliott have their own little language and always want to be together, even if they do fight a lot, they are also best buds.  Andrew is definitely spurting up because he eats.a.ton.  An hour after polishing off his entire dinner last night, he asked for a PB&J for a "snack".

In the last 6 months we have been working on independence and he is sure taking off.  We are hearing lots of "I can do it myself" and "Don't help me!" and he's proud of himself.  This also means he's been testing every rule and pushing every button lately, but, I suppose that means he's thinking and learning for himself, and that's a good thing, even if it is frustrating at times.  He made a ton of progress at school again this spring and is a cute and silly little boy.  One thing I love right now is how during hippotherapy, I can hear him singing across the arena.  He always has a big smile on his face and always has the therapists with him laughing.

We're proud of our little peanut.  Can't believe how grown up he is!


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