Wednesday, May 15, 2013

spring fun!

One evening I was getting dinner ready - I can keep an eye on the kids through the window - and saw the boys sitting together watching the neighbor's lawnmower. I thought it was cute!


The boys had big watermelon slices and loved it!

Water table fun, of course. 




Our deck and porch smell wonderful from the Lilacs!


Elliott taking his bear for a walk. 


Showing off his slippers, again. 



Sudden downpour out of nowhere.  The kids were pretty intrigued when we saw the wall of water coming!

The boys made birthday cards for their Grandpa Don.  They took their job seriously!



Andrew's been pretending to make spotting scopes and be an animal rescuer. 


He's also had a sudden interest in the baby doll. 



The boys are almost always together.  Elliott waits outside the bathroom door. 


We walked in the March for Babies!  Thank you to everyone who supported us!  (This was before the walk, it was really cold so I didn't want to worry about bringing my camera!) 



Elliott after waking up one random morning.  He always has to carry an animal (or all of them and his books) downstairs. 


We had a great day on Mother's day.  Andrew made me this candle and card. 


We had an early birthday celebration with friends - Elliott and Quinn share the same upcoming birthday, so we had some cupcakes and played for a bit. 




We've done some other fun things but I didn't bring my camera!  I'll try to post some highlights soon!


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