Wednesday, May 1, 2013

playing outside, garage sale finds, rainy days, and Super Why Live

We weren't up to a whole lot at the end of April - we were glad to have some down time and spend some time outside!

Playing in the back yard

Ring around the rosy

We all fall down!

Playing cars (Andrew trying to convince Elliott to trade)

A whole lot of this...

Playing red light green light

Milk break (not sure why he was drinking here)

Elliott is crazy obsessed with Dandelions. 


One morning Elliott slept in, and then he took the longest time eating breakfast, reading his books.  It was unusual to see him so leisurely. 



One day Andrew and I made corn muffins.  He LOVES corn (and still pumpkin) muffins.  He really, really wants to make corn pumpkin muffins, sounds pretty nasty, but maybe we will because he's so set on the idea. 

We had some rainy days and played around the house.

I found Andrew sitting up on the couch, a definite first for him and weird to find him here. 

Then we had some more warm weather!  



They love climbing on this bench. 


Elliott got this Thomas at a garage sale and really loves it.  He also loves sitting on this step.  And the Lighting  McQueen slippers.


We went to the park and threw rocks and ran through the puddles. 





Ryan's parents came for the weekend - they took these pictures and shared them with me.  We took the boys to "Coffee and cars".  

Ryan's mom and Andrew went to see Super Why Live and had a blast!  I wasn't sure how he would do but he did fine and loved the whole thing!


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