Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Elliott!

Elliott is 2 years old today!  

We are so thankful to be blessed with such a healthy little boy.  Elliott is the perfect completion to our family and makes us laugh every day.  He's a big ham, has a big heart, is happy-go-lucky, smart, excited to try new things, and a great little brother.  

He is happiest when he's surrounded by a group of family, especially when he's the center of attention.  He loves animals, bath time, hats, the iPad, eating, dandelions, playing outside, climbing, dancing, pretending to sleep, music and singing before bed, playdoh, stickers, throwing rocks in the creek, playing whatever Andrew's playing, cars/trucks/trains (especially Lighting, Mater, Chuck, and Thomas), and reading. 


Elliott is really getting big!  He can climb a ladder, walk up steps, knows most of his shapes, wears 2T shirts, 18 month pants, size 6.5-7 shoe, has a couple dozen words but knows so so much more than he can say, and enjoys helping around the house (helps put away dishes, his laundry, his dirty diapers, and wants to sweep!)  He is becoming more vocal and certainly makes himself heard when he wants something!  

He doesn't have a lot of dislikes, but he doesn't being left behind, hates sitting in a high chair, and he doesn't like ice cream or pizza.  He also doesn't like being leaving a fun activity or being contained at times.

This seems like yesterday:

Looking forward to seeing you grow sweet boy!  We're so proud of you!

(note: he is 26 lbs and 34 inches tall!)


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