Saturday, May 25, 2013

Elliott's Under the Sea Birthday!

Elliott had a great time at his Under the Sea party.  I chose the theme because he loves his ocean puzzle, the ocean iPad game, and looking at the fish at Petco.  He was even more excited about the theme that I anticipated, which was fun!

Both kids loved the "ocean" and Elliott thought his sea king hat was so awesome.  (In fact he had to wear it when we ran errands yesterday...)

Boys checking out the decor.  Andrew was quick to point out that seaweed isn't an ocean animal, lol.

Got the cupcakes ready!  My mom made the cupcakes for me this year (our kitchen was out of commission all week) and I made the cupcake toppers ahead of time using my friend's Cricut.

Ready for the party!

From his 1st birthday:

We did cake first.

I was really happy (and surprised) that Elliott was able to blow his candles out on his own this year!

We didn't have ice cream because Elliott doesn't like ice cream, and oddly enough found out he doesn't really like cupcakes.  So weird.  But he liked playing with the animals.

Now, he's ready for presents!

He was so funny because he was interested in what was inside, but didn't really want to open them himself and carried them to Grandma so she could open them for him.

Excited about his Lightning McQueen sleeping bag.

Pile on Grandma!

First dinosaur. Can you believe we don't have a single one?  He's pretty intrigued huh?

of course he would hug it, haha!

After that we ate dinner and just played outside.  It was such a nice day!

This is one of my fav pics of him ever!!

He kept asking his Uncle Mike to play in the water table.  Buddies.

He ran 100 mph and then just passsssed out after a perfect day!

To see all of the pictures from Elliott's 2nd birthday and party, click here!


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