Friday, April 5, 2013

The rest of March & Easter Sunday

Besides the Egg Drop, here is what we were up to at the end of March.

We had a playdate with our friend Rocky.

Rocky and Elliott a year ago:

Bath time

Had a little photo shoot

Had some craft time

This is what Elliott thinks of craft time (This was an old creation of Andrew's; immediately after this pic, he got mad because the stickers wouldn't come off the paper and ripped the paper up in shreds)

Caught some rays

Built a Lego car

Nothing cuter!

Playing outside last Saturday, before the Egg drop

Played outside with a leftover snow pile on a nice day

Elliott got another GI bug and has been puking since Friday, so we hung out at home on Easter.  We had an egg hunt for Andrew when Elliott was napping and he had a great time!

He was all about the hunt this year, whereas last year he just wanted to eat the goodies and not actually collect eggs.

Me and my buddy

mmm candy

Face Time with Grandma and Grandpa S on Easter


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