Thursday, April 25, 2013

Picnic at the Canal with friends

On Sunday night we met our friends (Jen, Jon, Eli, Krista) at the canal for a picnic dinner!  It was really laid back, fun, and a free night out!  We had so much fun we're hoping to do this once in a while when the weather is nice.

Eli and Andrew are a month apart, and Krista and Elliott are a couple months apart.

It was a little bright for pics but I did my best :)

Running around

Elliott watching Eli play cars

Elliott was collecting dandelions (I think he spends 80% of his time outside doing this now)

He went up to a group of girls and was trying to give them flowers when this photobomb happened.

Elliott pretending to sleep

Krista after seeing Elliott "sleeping"

Eli and Andrew.  I call this, "4 year olds are way too cool for pictures."

This picture was taken at the canal in April 2009, when our boys finally got to meet, Andrew was 15 months old and finally released from the house into the germy world!

Elliott trying to con Krista into giving him some of her snacks.

Playing ball

They think Jon is sooooo funnnny (he is, I admit it)

Krista was ready to go home!

Elliott kept sitting at the base of trees

Andrew was practicing his stomping (that's what he told me)

Jen took a couple family pictures for us while Jon made us all laugh so much!  I wish I could have recorded Elliott laughing, it was hysterical.

To see all of the pictures, click here!


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