Thursday, April 18, 2013

Elliott - 23 months

Age: 23 months.  Oh man!

Weight & Height: No update

Size: Back to wearing some 12-18 pants, 12 mo and 18 mo shorts, and a few 18-24 if they are built slim.  As cute and chubby as his cheeks are, he can't fill his pants out. 24 mo and 2T shirts (and even a few shrunken 3's from Andrew).  Size 6.5 shoe and size 4 diaper.

Teething:  Nothing new for a while now.

Sleeping:  Same.  He has to empty his entire crib when he wakes up so he can take everything downstairs, which is kind of annoying.  Glad this boy also loves to sleep.  When he was sick he'd sign sleep and point to his bed!

Eating:  Gave him some cheese and it seems to sit fine.  Thinking about testing out some regular milk. Otherwise, same. (Eats everything and all the time.)

Movement:  Loves walking up stairs (with hand held) like a big boy.  Does head stands and somersaults on his own!

Milestones: First time to Dunkin' Donuts.  Loved it.

Favorite Toys:  Right now he is carrying Chuck, Lightning, Mater, and/or Thomas everywhere.  That, or a stuffed animal, especially his Christopher bear that his Godfather gave him.  Books too.

Dislikes:  Being left at school.  Now he knows he is being left and I can hear him crying hysterically from the parking lot.  Oy.  He has missed randomly for being too sick, so I think it'll get easier from here on out.

Loves:  Really into reading right now, wants to know what everything is, loves practicing animal sounds.  All the cars/vehicles mentioned above.  Stuffed animals.  Kids and people.  The park.  Eating at the picnic table outside.  Music and the neighbor's wind chime.  The iPad - he gets to play when we have to wait for Andrew at therapy/doctors and he's getting a little obsessive about it...trying to be really restrictive about play time, especially since we are healthy now.  Mommy's attention and needs it 24/7 right now; we're spending a lot of that time working on his speech and reading!

Words & Sounds:

New words #16-22: more, down, grandma "maaaa-mmmm", beep beep, ut oh, bye bye!, cheese (as in the food, of course).

His "moo" is significantly better (was an "mmm" and now has a definite "moooo" with his lips puckered!)  He is generally much more babbly than before.

Signing:  He is starting to make the shift from signing to using sounds to communicate and is signing less and less.  He was finally over his sinus infection and was very cooperative in speech therapy this week!


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