Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Egg Drop!

Last Saturday (the day before Easter) we went to the Imagine Church Easter Egg Drop.

So glad our friend Denice told us about this fun day!

First we went to the bounce house.  Oh my gosh, Elliott was too funny.  I didn't have my camera out when he starts but he was just laughing hysterically, it was so cute.  This was right up his alley and it makes me excited for festivals this summer.

We walked around, saw some friends, Ryan and Andrew went to see the fire truck and police car, and then it was Egg Drop time!


The boys not so sure yet what we are waiting for...

There it is!

Side note: I am shocked at how much Ryan and Elliott look alike in these pics.

The helicopter made 4 passes, dropping eggs each time.  By the 3rd time the boys were fired up.

Andrew couldn't wait to get out on the field and go after the Easter eggs.


It went fast!  Checkin' out the loot.  Elliott of course doesn't get what's going on, but watching Andrew intently.  There wasn't candy in the eggs, but we took them to a collection booth to trade them in for candy when we were done.

"Daddy, this is awesome!"

Having fun

Love their matching annoyed faces :)

We had such a nice day, the weather was beautiful.  By the way, we saw a helicopter on Easter Sunday and Andrew got excited because he thought it was going to drop more eggs. :)


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