Monday, April 22, 2013

Backyard Fun, Lion's Park, and S'mores

We've had some nice weather this month!  We've been making the most of it.  The kids went to bed early tonight b/c they were so worn out from the last few days, and so I get to fit a blog post in.

Busy boys.

It's been a lot of fun now that Elliott's toddling around and enjoying most of the activities that Andrew enjoys!

Turning the slide into a car ramp

Elliott heard kids playing and a dog barking and went over to check it out. I was cracking up when I saw him sneaking up and spying in the fence.  I love that he happened to be wearing his turtle hat (he loves hats) and I'm so glad I had my camera out.

Happy boys playing around in the front yard

Like I said Elliott is obsessed with hats and also sunglasses.  One night during his snack he had to have his Legos, sunglasses, and hat.

One particularly nice weekend we went to Lion's Park.

Elliott and I threw a few rocks in the creek; Andrew wasn't interested so he stayed in the stroller and waited.   Tonight we went to another creek and he had a ball so I see more creek playing in our future!

Then we went on to the park.

At right, Elliott is pretending he is sleeping.  He loves to play that game.

Driving his car and checking out all the kids and dogs.

Andrew thinks it is *great* that Elliott can swing on the big swing now!

Since the boys (really Andrew) used good listening skills (this has become a big topic of conversation in our house right now) we had time to run a few laps on the big walking bridge :) Lots of fun.

On the 15th we had a gorgeous night.  We took advantage and broke out the fire pit!  Andrew had taken a long nap that day and Elliott went to bed early so we decided to let him stay up for his first s'more party.  He loved it!

He was cautious but interested in the fire.  He was funny because he'd sit and hang out a bit, then he'd say he needed to watch out and go sit on the deck, then he'd go down the slide, then come back and hang out a bit.

Talking to Daddy

Watching the fire

He didn't want to eat the s'more at first because he didn't like it last year - too sticky and hard to hold together.  Then he decided to try it but was reluctant.  Then he loved it and ate the whole thing.

Now he's excited to go to the "cabin" this summer so we can make more s'mores.


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