Monday, April 1, 2013

Andrew - 4 1/4 years

Age: 4 1/4 years.  I wasn't even going to do a blog post until 4 1/2, but, he's changed enough to warrant an update!

Weight and Height: 34+ lbs and around 41" tall. 

Size:  Size 4 (and a few size 5) shirts.  Size 4 slim pants and size 10 shoe still fit very well.  Wearing size 5 PJs now!

Sleeping:  Doesn't need a nap, but he has rest time until 2:00 pm.  Bed between 7-7:30 on no nap days.  Some times he does nap and stays up later.  He is usually happier on days he doesn't nap because after school he wants to burn some energy! 

Eating:  We finished his 3 month gluten casein free trial and we are thankful we seemed to get a clear answer; we don't believe the diet had any affect.  We also found out his increase oxalate intake caused his kidney stone, and on that diet he was tending to eat high oxalate foods (peanut butter, strawberries, hummus, celery, most notably)  We are back to a regular diet (still avoiding major sources of dairy, staying on low salt low oxalate) and he is doing very well. He's also back on reflux meds.  He is eating a lot right now!  

New stuff:

-Huge leaps in language

-Major progress in swimming!

-Enjoys sitting on his bike with help (hoping to work more on pedaling when we are well now that it's warming up a bit)

-Learned how to whisper

-Can walk up stairs with no hands (usually holds on to rail still)

-We have been working very very hard on independence.  We are pushing him to help us dress and undress him, which he really struggles with.  He takes off his own coat and hangs it in the laundry room, and takes off his slip-on style shoes and puts them in the slot. We are hearing a lot more of, "I can do it myself" than ever before, by far. 

Wearing a size 5 shirt 

-He can go to the bathroom completely on his own, pull down/up his pants, and wash and dry his hands.  He can't quite get his pants up all the way around his bottom, but just needs a little adjustment. 

-He loves basketball.  I'm hoping to sign him up for a casual team this summer. 

-He started outpatient OT in addition to therapy at school. He is only doing 1 day for now, we are on a waiting list for a 2nd day.  This should help him be more comfortable and confident in lots of daily situations!  He loves going to therapy, which is a blessing.

Andrew on the "road" at therapy (an obstacle course ending in a bucket of rice in which a car is buried)

-I have noticed an interest in babies.  He had no interest a couple years ago but now he talks quite a bit about his baby friends and he likes to show me the sign for baby "This is how you hold a baby!"

Showing me how he signs "Baby"

-A lot more opinionated in general about everything - what he eats, where he wants to go or not go, etc.  Having to be more strict about punishments and rewards for good listening skills.

-I can't remember the last time he had a potty training accident, so I guess he's completely trained, but still wears a pullup at naps/sleeping.

-Likes reading more complicated stories, like the Little Golden Books.  He loves Pinocchio and The Three Bears.

-In the past he always HATED dancing, and suddenly he likes to dance.  It's pretty cute!

-Favorite songs right now are Symphony Number 5, Pines of Rome, and Black Betty.

-Expanded vocabularly, paying more attention to specifics (for example: Requesting Rotini noodles for dinner instead of Penne noodles)


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