Tuesday, March 5, 2013

what a week

We've been sick for 7 days now with some sort of GI bug.  Not cool.

The first couple days Elliott was in a pretty good mood.  I took some pictures of him playing in his bath :-)  Normally we do baths at night, so the bright window light was fun!

Playing with bubbles

He's not a fan of bubbles all over his hands!

He really likes playing with this road/vehicle set in the bath tub.

All clean!

Watching TV and eating a banana

Andrew has been acting mostly normal and cooperative.  He was happy playing iPad on the bed one morning when I was cleaning up and helping Elliott. 


Doesn't even look sick, does he? :)

Over the weekend we were feeling so cooped up and my parents visited for a little bit and we rearranged a few things.  We moved our kid table from the basement up to our den.  I really like it under the window and they are using it a lot more.  It's a nice bright place to work on puzzles or do whatever.  Of course, when they are sick, they play a lot of iPad. 


We did some work in the basement, but have more to do, and hopefully in a couple months time I'll have some pictures for you!

Yesterday Elliott was feeling pretty rough.  




Thankfully Andrew was still happy and full of energy.  He is really loving basketball (or "shoots") lately!

And riding this..he's never been interested in ride-on toys either!  And he's also started to dance a lot, which he's never ever liked.  I'm happy to see him enjoying some new activities!




Today started off rough, but I think by this evening they were both on the upswing!


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