Thursday, March 28, 2013

Swimming lessons progress!

Andrew is still in swimming lessons - he has been doing well overall, but seemed to be at a bit of a stand still so we were going to pull him for the summer while he receives OT.  But, the last 2 lessons he has done exceptionally well and seems to have a great time, so now he's on a wait list for April!

He'd had a blast learning all the skills but the dreading floating.  Oh so hard on the guy.  With lots of amazing help from his private teacher Emily, and his group teacher, Leslie, he's starting to break down some barriers!

This would be Andrew floating with a smile!  He's still somewhat reluctant, but he's smiling and he's not upset.

After he was done floating:  SO PROUD of himself!

Over about 1.5 months, we gradually transitioned him to having his private teacher there to help him, to not having any extra help.  He is doing very well, but still asks where Emily is every time we go.

Starting to jump in

Hanging out

He loves playing with the diving rings and toys

He must be in a growth spurt b/c now he is wearing several size 5 items, is a bottomless pit, and look at his belly!


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