Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In Like a Lion

That would pretty much sum up March up until now.  When I posted on March 5th, I thought we were almost through the GI bug and boy was I wrong.  Of course after posting it hit us all hard, including Ryan and I.  Thank goodness my mom jumped in to save the day, and as of the the 15th we were all better.  

My sick boys watching cartoons.

Elliott perking up:

Once the boys had their appetite and energy back, they couldn't go to school for several more days, so we had some fun around the house. 

Playing babies:

Making "sandwiches" out of magnets:


Mr. Potato Head, one of Elliott's favs. 


On Andrew's last sick day, a special package arrived in the mail from Ryan's mom.  Just what they needed to perk up.




This past weekend nobody was very sick...we had so much fun.  We took the boys to a local toddler gym program and they had such a blast.  We also went out to dinner, because Andrew is trying to eat gluten again.  They ate like crazy at Noodles & Co (Andrew's choice).  On Sunday, we went out for coffee and breakfast to our favorite place. 

On Monday I found Elliott like this in his pack 'n play...a friend thought it was funny that I took a picture of him before helping him, but he didn't need to be helped.  He wanted to be that way and was not complaining.  I think that is part of why it was so funny, I just walked by and was like "hey, what's up?" and he's like "yeah, just hanging upside down" and then he got down when he was finished.  I think he was trying to see if he could do a pushup and get out of his PNP feet first instead of head first. 


Andrew has a constant cough again now and the weather is unseasonably cold - I keep hoping we'll all stay relatively well and we'll get a nice warm up here soon! I'm really itching to go to the park, on walks, and to take some new outdoor pics!


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