Friday, March 1, 2013

February & Little Animals

I didn't have a lot to take pictures of the last couple of weeks!  We haven't done much new or interesting and have still been sick.  We did have a fun family morning at Recreation Unlimited, but I didn't bring my camera. 

I'm starting to get some toys out that I put away when Elliott was an infant.  Elliott is really starting to enjoy some big kid toys and it's been fun.  The boys had a blast playing with his Melissa and Doug Pattern Blocks together.  Andrew hasn't seen this toy in about 1.5 years and wow, it makes it apparent how much older he is - it's way too easy for him!

If you don't have this toy get it, it's really fun.  It's rated for ages 2-5, but I think 18 months-3 is probably best if your child enjoys puzzles.

Andrew cannot.sit.still. for pictures, so I was tickling him for this one.  It's a little awkward since he was trying to escape, but I liked his little smile. :)

Elliott has really started to play a lot of make believe.  He will cook me things, bring me coffee, feed his animals, ask to put his stuffed animals in his cute! 

Thirsty giraffe!

Cows like juice!

Tigers like corn!

He also recently started to carry a lot of items in hand, which is some sort of milestone that First Steps asked about :-) He sometimes gets frustrated if he can't carry enough things!


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