Monday, March 18, 2013

Elliott - 22 months

Age: 22 months today - It's time to start working on his birthday party stuff!

Weight:  No update (24 lbs ish and still packing it on)

Height:   No update, he seems long.  

Size:  18-24 month pants (and a couple 2T's), 18-24 (some are getting short) and 2T shirts, just moved into size 6.5 shoe, size 4 diaper

Teething: The canines have to be close by now, right?  No new teeth.  I thought they were cutting last week, but he just got a sore throat and a cough.

Sleeping:  In addition to the DST shift, I am trying to shift him to an earlier schedule (7:30 bed time) so that Ryan and I have more free time in the evening and so he's ready and rested before his therapy & school starts. 

Eating:  Always a very healthy appetite and enjoys most foods.  We are still dairy free. 

Movement:  Has a little swagger :)  Can swing on a big boy swing. 

MilestonesFirst day of preschool - no tears!  Does the motions to Wheels on the Bus and his favorite part is the babies say "wa wa wa".

It's not a milestone but one funny thing Elliott does is sign "cold" and point outside every time I put his shoes on.  I guess he doesn't really remember anything other than this nasty cold Indiana weather!

Favorite Toys:  He has started to enjoy wearing the fireman hat and likes to wear his Super Why costume.

Dislikes:  Same as before...brushing teeth, being contained, hair cuts, being too cold.  Puking :( We just got over a 2 week GI bug.

Loves: Same as last month.  Asks for Daddy all day long now.

Words & Sounds:  He has missed most of his speech therapy to date because of illness, but we start weekly ST tomorrow and hopefully we won't have to keep cancelling.

New words (#13, 14, 15) this month:  
"Mmmm-aaaaaaaa" (Andrew), "ba" (bar, as in granola bar), "No" is an emerging word, fills in the blank when singing EIEI___"O"___

He has picked up a few new signs (#19, 20, 21, 22)
Music, peach, cold, and previous I forgot to list "all done"


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