Sunday, February 17, 2013

First half of February

I can't say we've done much over the last couple of weeks.  Ryan was gone for a few days for work early in the month and all 3 boys finally all finished their antibiotics.  We're still sick but at least without infections.  I have been sleeping in most all of my free time. That's pretty much what our scoop is...typical for February, we're so ready for spring!

I finally was able to get some sleeping pics of Andrew since he's been so passed out lately.

We slipped out for a very quick run at the local splash park one evening when Ryan was out of town. 



The boys played iPad a lot.  Andrew's favorite game right now is Reading Raven and Elliott's favorite game is Magic Sorter by Igromatic, which is an ocean-themed puzzle game.

And cars.  They got this glow track for Christmas and Andrew decided it was okay to put batteries in the car.  They have so much fun with it!

The boys were really happy to see Ryan when he got back home from his business trip.  Andrew asked a lot about him.  They loved the deviled eggs that Ryan made them and left the boys to eat while he was gone. 







Andrew signed Valentines for his class at school.  Instead of writing his name, he wanted to draw cars.  On Gabe's valentine, he wanted to write "zoom"...silly boy.  Speaking of school, Andrew fell at school and cut his eye lid 1 cm resulting in our first call from the school nurse asking about stitches, but he ended up being okay.



Andrew was really excited about his valentine from his swim teacher too.  He also got a goodie bag from school and his teacher that he's enjoyed.


Friday was a rough day for the boys.

At one point Elliott and I tried to wake him for dinner and he wouldn't budge so we let him sleep. Elliott's fever broke today so I hope we're through whatever that was!



Elliott's gotten really good at the iPad!  It's kind of amazing to watch, I should record it. 







One day we had a play date with my friend Jenny.  Elliott had a ball running around with David. 

And we got to meet baby Jack!

of course we took a couple of pictures :) 


I've been thinking a lot about spring and got out their spring clothes!  This is a picture of Andrew before school.  (Should've pulled my flash out.) He likes his new Beep Beep shirt :)




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