Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Everyday Tidbit - Just a trip to Marsh

This morning I needed to run to Marsh to grab some bananas and apples.  We can't run out of fruit in this house!  

We pulled into the parking lot and I carried him into the store.  Then, he wanted to walk.  He doesn't want to hold my hand.

He walked past the bananas and straight to the apples, pointing excitedly, and signing "apple" over and over.  I said, "put it in the bag!" and he did and then 2 more.  He started to walk off again and I said "Stay by Mommy" and he did.  

Then, he started to go left, and I said "The cookies are this way!" and he came this way, marching his saggy pants to the bakery, stopping to stay hi and both of the women working in produce.

We got to the bakery and I asked if he could have a kid's cookie.  The lady said yes, and got a big smile when he signed "cookie" and "please" and then "Thank you".  He followed me through the store to the check out, passing one more lady to whom he went right up to, said "uh!" (in his excited little "look there's someone here!!" voice) and pointed.  He waved bye and then followed me to the register.   

He "talked" to the cashier while I checked out, then walked next to me all the way out the automatic doors, which he thinks are super cool, until I made him hold my hand in the parking lot.  

What a big boy.  Coming up on 2 so so quickly.


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