Friday, February 1, 2013

end of January

Here are some pictures from the second half of January.  January is by far my least favorite month and I'm so glad that February is here.  I've taken a whole lot of pictures recently.

Ryan was gone for 5 days in Florida (sounds more glamorous than it was, although, he did call from the beach!!!) and Andrew had a wicked cough and sinus infection.  A week later, Elliott got an ear infection.  

One day we were watching cartoons and the boys were both so cute sucking their thumbs, so I figured I'd take some pictures.

I love this one of Elliott!  It's very him :)




Hanging out

The boys were very happy to see Ryan when he got home.  They missed playing Daddy Monster and Bam.  (Games they only play with Daddy.) 


Playing iPad

We play chase every day


and we usually play in the basement every day (usually after naps, before dinner) 

Jumping off the bottom step


Elliott's really starting to enjoy the kitchen set and make believe.  SO cute!  



Cutting a loaf of bread

He also really likes trains...I'm glad someone is using our train table again!



And he loves to play ball

I finally got a sled and it snowed again so we went out...yeah, not impressed.  Maybe I didn't go fast enough.  Elliott's boots keep falling off and he gets upset that he can't move easily.  Andrew just isn't interested.  I'm not really a cold weather person either, so I can't blame them!

Andrew tried out his first group swim lesson this month!  He had some ups and downs but overall he did pretty well.  He really loves to dive for rings.  This picture makes me happy. 


His private swim teacher goes with him to help with the transition.  When we go to swimming every time he tells me he doesn't want to swim or float, but he wants to play with Emily in the water.  After his lesson this week, we were walking to the locker room and he said "Mommy, I love Emily.  She is SO nice."



One Saturday we needed to get out of the house so we went to the park.  We thought it was warm out, but the wind was bitter cold.  We stayed for a few minutes, the boys had fun getting some fresh air. 

Andrew talks about this slide all the time. 

Elliott thinks he's big stuff



They love this truck



It was an "accident" that you can't see his eyes here, but I really like it.  Kinda fits with the fact that he was just "hiding out" in this truck, in a little happy place of his own. 

One day when Andrew was at school, I decided to take some self portraits of Elliott and I.  It's really hard to hold up the camera and wide angle lens with one hand while holding a squirmy toddler.


Elliott's a little obsessed with this puzzle...he's really good at it.  I loved this picture.  His left hand.

We got a 50-degree day this week, and although rainy and wet and foggy, we put on some boots and had fun outside!

"We are playing Hummers!"





On our second unusually warm day this week, we played frisbee.  They sure do love frisbee.






And a good moring was made great by a visit from the mail truck :) 

I found Andrew on the step reading the mail.  He said he was looking for a Hummer. 


Ashley February 1, 2013 at 10:03 PM  

LOve the picture of Andrew outside in the blue shirt with his hands up! - and the ones of you & Elliott :)

julie February 2, 2013 at 8:56 AM  

love your pictures, Kathy! Especially the one of Elliott with the puzzle , the one of you and E smooching and the ones of the boys playing frisbee

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