Monday, February 18, 2013

Elliott - 21 months!

Elliott is getting so big.  I say that all the time but they change so fast.  He seems so grown up lately. He's so much fun, so cute, so full of personality, a little bit crazy, and learns something new and funny every day.  He also has become very social and affectionate.  He has a lot of ideas and wants to do everything by himself.

This is also a challenging age because he's nonstop 24/7 and he has been very sick recently.  He's quite opinionated but his expressive language is very delayed, causing him some frustration. We had the same struggles with Andrew at this age. He's very quickly catching on to boundaries, and learned lots of signs, and that's helping.   I believe he also is getting a little bored, because our options to go out and do something fun during the day are limited by our time crunch, so he'll be starting school in March.  Just a few hours one morning a week to hang out with some kids.  Every time he sees other kids he is SO SO excited, so I know he's going to have lots of fun.  We just happened to stumble across this program right by our house and we lucked out.

Age: 21 months.  One quarter shy of 2.  What?!

Weight: Back up to 24 lbs at his last sick visit!  I'm sure he's packed on more since then because his cheeks are really full-looking again...I guess that means another growth spurt coming on? 

Height:  Not sure.  We go for his developmental follow-up this week.  He looks long.

Size: 18-24 pants and 18-24 or 2T shirts.  Struggles to keep 12-18 pants on but they are too short.  Fitting well in his size 6 shoes and 4 diapers.

Teething: Cutting canines still, hasn't bothered him much this month.  The rest of his teeth are in completely and he has a pretty big boy smile :)

Sleeping:  Seems to be partying longer at night before he falls asleep, wanting to sleep in a bit, but taking longer naps.

Eating:  Still doing great.  He always eats a ton and constantly.  Often when we have visitors they say, "you really weren't kidding when you said he eats constantly!"

Movement:  Can stand on 1 foot long enough to kick a ball.  Walking very well and likes to climb stairs with 1 hand held.  Graduated from PT!!  yeah!

Milestones: He watched his first entire movie when he had a fever - Pocahontas - he did not budge!  I can't wait until we can have some family movie nights!

Favorite Toys: Nothing new really - spends a lot of time with cars, his fishing puzzle, loves the iPad,  stuffed animals, shape sorters, really anything.

Dislikes:  Ear infections! yuck!!  Brushing his teeth.  He runs away (fast and hides) when he sees us coming with clothes or diapers to be changed.  Holding my hand at the store.  Having his picture taken if it means stopping.  Getting his hair cut, that was kind of awful.  Not having my attention at any point in time.  Being too cold, walking in the snow or sledding. Being confined.

Loves:  Seeing other kids, doing anything active, going to new places.  Petco and animals, food, Andrew and his toys, playing Daddy Monster and chase, iPad, Signing Time, animal magnets, blocks, playing Glow sticks in the basement, bath time, playing outside, playing cars, stuffed animals, reading and naming objects, helping Andrew flush the toilet, going on a walk with the umbrella stroller.  Playing ball and frisbee.  He seems to be happy as long as we're doing something together and/or going out and experiencing something.

Words and Sounds:  Elliott was approved for weekly speech therapy and we have a list of words now!

12 Words: Mama, Daddy, Go, Quack, Neigh, car motor sound, elephant sound, growl for a lion, grown for a bear, Meow, Moo, Squawk (most of these were emerging last month and now he says them all spontaneously)

18 Signs (we have stopped teaching him new ones, this is enough to help him get his point across...he uses most of these on a daily basis): Help, book, more, apple, cookie, milk, drink, sleep, bird, eat, please, thank you, car, play, up, down, choo choo, car, ball, fish, banana


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