Saturday, January 12, 2013

warm streak

It is 60 degrees and sunny right now.  60 DEGREES.  I am so excited.  This warm streak is just what we needed, as we've been stuck inside over the last few weeks.  What a treat!

The boys seem to be fighting something and we just needed to get some fresh air yesterday.  Andrew was resistant to go because we've been quite lazy lately.  We went to a little park nearby.  It was super soupy from the snow melting so we brought boots.  

The boys were both scared to walk in them at first and weren't much fun. 

So we hung out a bit and warmed up by playing cars on the curb. 




The fun thing about taking both boys out is that they feed off each other.  We saw this was true when we went swimming last weekend. I started to play chase with Andrew and soon he was comfortable in his boots. 

Here I come!

Someone else wanted to join in the fun.

Getting silly

New walker in boots :)

So yeah, I'm going this way. 

Peace out!

Trees!! (he still loves trees, so random)

Moody.  (Has a low grade fever and hasn't eaten in about 30 minutes.)

It was a nice change just going to an open area to run and explore, with no playground equipment.  I'm definitely going to try to do this more often!

I think Elliott really loved it now that he's great at walking too.  I'm really looking forward to this spring!




Looking at sticks and grass. 


It was so muddy and nasty from the melting snow!


Funny boy 


Signing apple (with both hands) - guess that's our cue to go home


Mommy, I'm hungry and I'm stuck. 




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